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The Executive Director of PanelAd, Sheuli B. Masiak and Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Sodkiewicz are available for interviews about panelAd.

Lisette Johnson, Chief External Relations Officer

Mission Statement

panelAd is the largest database of outdoor billboard space available for outdoor advertising professionals, connecting the outdoor advertising community in ways that make it easier for advertisers to find space, and for vendors to connect with potential advertisers. Using cutting-edge technology, panelAd allows advertisers to search for available space by parameters such as location and price, and also target audience demographics. With live traffic feeds, panelAd allows the same kind of advanced search for billboards along major U.S. highways as well. But panelAd isn't just for advertisers. panelAd makes it easy for billboard vendors to add billboards to our already extensive database simply, allowing vendors to increase sales without increasing marketing costs. Best yet, panelAd is free for all users.


Sheuli B. Masiak

Chairwoman & CEO

Co-founder of Royal Deer Designs, a New York-based website design and development company, Masiak holds a PhD in Science and has held several professorial positions throughout New York State.

Daniel Sodkiewicz

Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder of Royal Deer Designs in 2008, Sodkiewicz is an entrepreneur with experience working with many different sized companies in several industries. His educational background includes Business, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.

Kamil Stach


With a degree in Computer Science Stach is the onsite panelAd web developer, specializing in the use of valid HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, and Search-Engine Optimization.

Lisette Johnson

Chief External Relations Officer

With a background in Journalism and Marketing, Johnson is available to answer questions or concerns about panelAd, as well as field your suggestions and advice.