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We have more than 210 billboards for rent in our database. Our listing contains billboards from around the country. The site is easy to use and you can find billboards for rent within few clicks.

PanelAd provides information about billboards and other Outdoor Advertising Media For Rent, Lease or Sell. Users can find billboards for rent in any USA state. Some of outdoor advertising companies listed on our site have additional billboard inventory, so we encourage our users to contact those companies even if what you see listed on panelAd is not exactly what you are looking for.

Billboards for rent

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Nation's largest database of outdoor billboard space

Welcome to the nation's largest database of outdoor billboard space. PanelAd is a place where billboard vendors list their inventory for free and connect with thousands of potential advertisers. Our tool allows advertisers to search for billboards by parameters such as location and audience demographic, ensuring a streamlined and targeted search.

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As consumers, we are creatures of habit. We ride to work on the same roads, often listening to the same radio station, and park in the same spot at work. As a business, your advertising can maximize on this routine.

Place an ad in the specific geographic location using panelAd’s billboard search. Your target market, who is retracing the same route day after day, will have your ad in their line of sight every day. This repeated exposure leads to knowledge of your brand, which for your business, can translate to brand loyalty.

  • panelAd is user-friendly and fast!
  • We have the nation’s largest database of available outdoor billboard space
  • Get information on a variety of outdoor advertising media options for rent, lease, or sale
  • Currently offering more than 220 available billboards in our national database
  • Find a billboard for your ad in each state across the country.
  • Target your billboard search by demographic to ensure the right audience views your ad

Facts on outdoor advertising

  • Billboards reach 93% of the American population
  • The number of cars on the road has grown 53% in the last 30 years
  • One billboard gets more views than the Superbowl
  • Outdoor ads cost 80% less than TV advertising
  • Outdoor ads cost 60% less than newspaper ads
  • Outdoor ads cost 50% less than radio advertisements
  • Outdoor advertising has the LOWEST COST per 1,000 viewers
  • The average consumer must view a TV commercial seven times before remembering the product. Think about the translation of cost!
  • Your outdoor advertisement can be seen 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Who can compete with that?
  • The average American drives an average 54 minutes each day, glances at 70% of the billboards passed, and reads 63% of them.
panelAd also offers contact information for the specific outdoor advertising companies listed on our site. This gives our clients the option of contacting them directly for access to their additional inventories.