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Jun 29, 2011
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Consider Outdoor Signs as a Marketing Tool

With the height of digital marketing and online promotions, sometimes small businesses can best benefit from a tried and proven method of advertising; billboard signs. Not the most innovative or out the box marketing technique, billboards simple do their job; promote your company.


  • If you participate in trade shows, signage is everything. Signage brings in customers and increase booth traffic.
  • Trades men, contractors and journeymen, know the benefits of wrapping their vehicles with signs. Something as simple as an enlarged logo, a phone number and website can bringing in business leads.
  • Because signs come in all shapes and creative sizes, they are consistently very effective. Whether the sign is outside or inside, in the form of a flyer or vehicle wrapping; this method of marketing has been used and respected by almost every industry in existence.
  • Compared to digital marketing and online promotional efforts that are flighty and old news after just a few seconds; signs resonant with audiences in a non intrusive yet reactionary way.
  • When thinking about the right signage for your company’s needs, consider placement, style and corporate identity.
  • Keep it short and engaging. It will be read quickly. Make a statement, using both type and the right information that directs potential clients to you.
  • A sign on a small piece of paper might not read the same when enlarged. Before you post, know the laws and regulations of the city or county where the signs will live.
  • Signs are cost effective, relevant and proven ways to market a small business. Consider posting a sign before you spend money online.
Jun 14, 2011
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Interactive Pick and Play from McDonalds

In Sweden, McDonalds’ corporation is boldly going where no other interactive billboard advertiser has gone.  A new billboard campaign called “Pick and Play” allows viewers to both interact with the billboard and win tasty treats from McDonalds. With the use of any smartphone or Android, players can play pong right in clear site on the enlarged screen.

The game is very similar to Ping Pong or Atari, where a small ball is bounced from left to right on the big screen and your personal phone. Fun play, engagement and interaction in outside advertising is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives or at least McDonalds hopes this is the case.

Jun 12, 2011
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Outdoor advertising is steady and easy

Outdoor advertising trends suggest that 2011’s second quarter revenue of $298 million for Lamar Advertising will be steady and holding into the third quarter. The wobbling US economy is believed to have had no effect on the revenue growth and Lamar Advertising closed yesterday at $27.50.

Jun 10, 2011
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Evan Harrison joins Van Wagner Communications as Chief Creative Officer

p>Chief Creative Officer joins Van Wagner Communications, a privately owned, outdoor advertising company created a new post for Evan Harrison. Chief Creative Officer, a befitting title for the former VP-digital president of Clear Channel, the global media and entertainment company. As one of Van Wagner’s chief creative officers, Harrison is charged with creating marketing campaigns across outdoor and sports businesses as well as bringing in new business.

His career is at the forefront of digital marketing, celebrating successes with the  IHeartRadio app, the web series, “If I Can Dream” with Hulu and Myspace and being named Ad Age’s A-Lister last year.

Jun 6, 2011
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Free Condoms Billboard causes a stir in North Carolina

The Swain County Health Department of North Carolina is under fire by community leaders for displaying a billboard offering free condoms.

The sign reads, “$45 dollars for adult physicals, Family Planning for low or no cost and Free Condoms,” all services advertised for the Swain County Health department. Remaining on display for two months, the sign is supported by federal funds. “Our job is to be able to give them the information to protect and prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies,” said Sara Peterson, with the Swain County Health Department, in defense of the decision to post the billboards.

County commissioner, Steve Moon is uneasy about the billboard but understands the publics’ need for alternatives.

Jun 4, 2011
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Online and Offline Advertising Study Sheds Light on Effectiveness of Restrictions

A recent study entitled Advertising Bans and the Substitutability of Online and Offline Advertising, published in the April issue of the Journal of Marketing Research reveals that in the age of the world wide web, it turns out that banning billboard advertisements for alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are useless. Criticism for these types of traditional ads take the place of the ever growing online advertising, which frequently make traditional ad more effective. In a perverse bottom line, changes in online advertising effectiveness are related to offline ad restrictions.

billboard vodka

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Jun 2, 2011
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Few Job Options Force One Marketing Pro to Think Outside the Box

An out-of-the-box billboard advertisement was revealed this week on a busy intersection on Merrion Road in the south of Dublin. “Save me from Emigration” in bold letters with a scenic view of the statue of Liberty in the background. The sign was commissioned by an unemployed marketing associate, Féilim Mac An Iomaire, 26 and the public heightened and enlarged personal cry for work is making a big splash.

Save me from Emigration
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After having and losing jobs to the economy, Mac An lomaire is out of options. “I came back from Australia last August, and since then I’ve been looking constantly, using recruiters and sending out countless cover letters and CVs,” Mac An Iomaire said. “But I’m just getting nowhere.”

Spending his last savings of €2,000 to post the billboard for two weeks, he hopes this will lead to the right steady employment opportunity. “Being able to think outside the box – something that’s hard to articulate in a CV,” says Mac An lomaire, “I had the money saved, so I thought: let’s run with it.”

The reception to his campaign had already been overwhelmingly positive and had created a “huge amount of goodwill”, helping him to keep his options open – but Mac An Iomaire says the clock is ticking on whether the campaign can work.

“I can give it until the end of June,” he said. “If it doesn’t work, I’m gone.”

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