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Jul 29, 2011

Billboard Dispute in Calgary

In June of this year, the city council of Calgary has allowed some of the regulations that were put on electronic billboards until a full and thorough review is completed. This has been a long debate, and the most talked about issue is that of the brightness affecting drivers and homeowners.

“The Beltline Community Association has compared the signs to someone outside your window changing TV channels every 10 seconds.” But this isn’t the only reason that civilians are so worried about the city approving these electronic billboards, they are worried about the inevitable effect they will have on drivers.

Electronic billboards have the potential to distract drivers with their bright colors and moving text. This could lead to unnecessary accidents and a rise in vehicle related accidents. The city counsel is still looking into the idea, and they are expected to come to a conclusion very soon as to weather or not electronic billboard should be allowed in the city limits.

Jul 19, 2011

Outdoor Advertising Industry Boom

The outdoor advertisement industry is expected to greatly increase over the next 9 years. In the past few years there have been an incredible amount of technological advances, and they have made the outdoor digital advertising industry possible. This is not only through mobile devices and public computers, but outdoor digital screens that are run electronically on a network. Continue reading »

Jul 8, 2011

Electronic Billboard Request Shot down in La Crosse, Wisconsin

The Judiciary and Administration Committee of La Crosse, Wisconsin voted against a request   by Olympus Media LLC to build four LED digital billboards. Olympus Media wanted to convert four of their existing billboards into new electronic billboards. The city of La Crosse voted to deny this request, as well as impose a one year moratorium on any new electronic billboards. The committee stated their decision was based on the fact that there is no regulations in-place to control the billboards.

The decision was unanimous, but there are still some questions behind the final decision. Even though Olympus Media declined an interview, their Vice President stated that because their request was filed before the moratorium, he believes the request should have been approved. The committee responded by saying, “ Once our task force creates guidelines for billboards, we will re-look into the requests”.

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