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Feb 29, 2012

London’s Olympic advertising rules slacken

According to London news reports, regulations regarding billboard advertising around the Olympic stadium have been relaxed. This change opens up the market beyond sponsors who had first refusal on quality locations during the July and August Games. Continue reading »

Feb 20, 2012

Astral Media

Astral Media, a Montreal-based company, experienced a net increase in its quarterly profits to C$55.8 million ($55.8 million), or C$1 a share, from C$53.1 million, or 92 Canadian cents per share, a year earlier. This 5 percent rise represents solid growth for outdoor advertising, though radio and television revenues were more sluggish. Continue reading »

Feb 15, 2012

Citizens for a Scenic Florida

A community interest group in Florida wants Gov. Rick Scott to make Milton-based Bill Salter Outdoor Advertising pay for the illegal removal of 2,000 trees along Northwest Florida roads. The advertising company cleared the space to erect billboards. Continue reading »

Feb 2, 2012

KY: New legislation allows ads on school buses

As teachers are buying their own copy paper and taking furloughs in order to keep staff, the state of Kentucky has found a probable solution to the budget slump. This week, the Kentucky legislative committee approved a bill that would allow ads on the sides (not the front or back) of school buses. Advertisements that would not be allowed include tobacco, alcohol and political ads. Continue reading »

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