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Mar 16, 2012

Outdoor advertising in SD: legislators divided

AP Press reported recently a division among lawyers in South Dakota. Their House of Representatives has approved a measure on billboards stating municipalities cannot prohibit advertising that the state allows. These municipalities can, however, determine the brightness of lights and measurements of digital signs. This decision has lawmakers divided between those for local control and those who believe city governments shouldn’t overrule state law. Continue reading »

Mar 4, 2012

You know it’s a myth, and you have a choice

Atheist billboards are going to decorate Brooklyn area this week. The billboards will show a message “You know it’s a myth, and you have a choice” and are paid for by American Atheists (

Ads that display text in Hebrew and English will go to Brooklyn on Monday, versions in Arabic will go up also in Paterson, New Jersey.

American Atheists organization says the billboards are not meant to attack anybody or any beliefs, they are targeting people from the Muslim and Jewish communities who might be under pressure for their beliefs or lack of them.

American Atheists is planning to post similar billboards in other communities too.

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