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Apr 21, 2012

Why the travel scenery in Missouri may be changing

Travelers in Missouri may be viewing more billboards as they drive along the state’s roads and highways according to legislation endorsed this week. The House’s unanimous measure allows non-compliant billboards to be converted to digital formatting as long as the signs were compliant with rules as of Aug. 27, 1999. This date choice allows for the inclusion of double stacked signs to become digital; these signs had been outlawed after that date. Continue reading »

Apr 18, 2012

Billboard House: An innovative solution to foreclosure

In a time of continued economic concerns, homeowners in fear of foreclosure seek innovative ways to get back on track. A marketing company based in California, Brainiacs from Mars, began painting houses, turning them into giant billboards this past February. Continue reading »

Apr 11, 2012

Apple billboard marketing: An oops, corrected

At the time of iPad3′s release, Apple’s flagship store in Manhattan made an advertising error- a marketing faux pas for a company known for its innovation and advertising genius. As Apple fans stood in long lines flanking the store located in the Meatpacking district, the giant billboard atop the store boasted the new release’s predecessor: the iPad 2. Continue reading »

Apr 3, 2012

New Jersey: Renewed billboard contract doubles revenue

A billboard on the New Jersey turnpike will provide the New Jersey Turnpike Authority with $1.2 million a year under their new 20 year contract, awarded Tuesday to Clear Channel Outdoor of New York. This figure is double the previous revenue from the billboard, which was $600,000 a year. Continue reading »

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