Apr 18, 2012

Billboard House: An innovative solution to foreclosure

In a time of continued economic concerns, homeowners in fear of foreclosure seek innovative ways to get back on track. A marketing company based in California, Brainiacs from Mars, began painting houses, turning them into giant billboards this past February.

City regulations are the only concern at this point. Todd Cagnoni from the City of Rockford said, “Well, I can certainly understand why it would be intriguing. Currently the city of Rockford regulations would not allow that. In the long run it would be beneficial to the City of Rockford as well as the person who is living in the house because you’re going to keep a taxpayer.”

How popular is this idea? Well, more than a thousand people in Illinois have applied for the program, and Brainiacs plans to paint at least 100 houses nationwide by the end of the year.

For more info on this opportunity, check out http://brainiacsfrommars.com/paintmyhouse.html.

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