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Jun 29, 2011
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Consider Outdoor Signs as a Marketing Tool

With the height of digital marketing and online promotions, sometimes small businesses can best benefit from a tried and proven method of advertising; billboard signs. Not the most innovative or out the box marketing technique, billboards simple do their job; promote your company.


  • If you participate in trade shows, signage is everything. Signage brings in customers and increase booth traffic.
  • Trades men, contractors and journeymen, know the benefits of wrapping their vehicles with signs. Something as simple as an enlarged logo, a phone number and website can bringing in business leads.
  • Because signs come in all shapes and creative sizes, they are consistently very effective. Whether the sign is outside or inside, in the form of a flyer or vehicle wrapping; this method of marketing has been used and respected by almost every industry in existence.
  • Compared to digital marketing and online promotional efforts that are flighty and old news after just a few seconds; signs resonant with audiences in a non intrusive yet reactionary way.
  • When thinking about the right signage for your company’s needs, consider placement, style and corporate identity.
  • Keep it short and engaging. It will be read quickly. Make a statement, using both type and the right information that directs potential clients to you.
  • A sign on a small piece of paper might not read the same when enlarged. Before you post, know the laws and regulations of the city or county where the signs will live.
  • Signs are cost effective, relevant and proven ways to market a small business. Consider posting a sign before you spend money online.
May 18, 2011

Marketing Efforts target demographic with purchasing power

As new technology emerges and companies find more and more ways to connect with the internet savvy youth, but are they leaving out a large portion of the consumer market?

An article written in the New York Times expresses that if companies do not make an advertising push towards the over 50-consumer market they could risk a huge fall in sales. With the recent state of the economy it would benefit advertisers to promote to those less affected by unemployment; the baby boomers. They are buying into the technology age and other markets that have been dominated by the 18 to 25 age group, and companies not recognizing this recent change will eventually affect not only profits but also the brand name as a whole. Continue reading »

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