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Aug 26, 2012

Facial detection technology and advertising

Standing behind him, Michaelis saw with a shock that he was looking at the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg, which had just emerged, pale and enormous, from the dissolving night.

“God sees everything,” repeated Wilson.

“That’s an advertisement,” Michaelis assured him.

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

Facial detection technology
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Aug 12, 2012

Mannequins and Vandalism Alarm Las Vegas Motorists

Drivers in Las Vegas were alarmed Wednesday morning when they saw what appeared to be men in suits hanging from signs along Interstate 15. The bodies appeared to be hung from nooses tied to billboards. One of the billboards read, “Dying for Work,” and the second said, “Hope You’re Happy Wall St.”

dying for work

Jeremie Elliot, a trooper with the Nevada Highway Patrol, said they started getting calls from concerned motorists around 6:30 a.m. The vandalized billboards were about 5 miles apart, located at the I-15 and I-95 intersection, known to locals as the Spaghetti Bowl, Las Vegas’ largest and busiest intersections.

The Highway Patrol and billboard owners worked together to rectify the alarming visual. Mannequins were removed quickly to prevent any potential accident from motorists who may have been distracted by the sight. Elliot said, “Once people see that, everybody’s concerned about whether or not it’s real and they lose focus on what they’re doing. We did not have any accidents, luckily.”

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Jun 14, 2011
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Interactive Pick and Play from McDonalds

In Sweden, McDonalds’ corporation is boldly going where no other interactive billboard advertiser has gone.  A new billboard campaign called “Pick and Play” allows viewers to both interact with the billboard and win tasty treats from McDonalds. With the use of any smartphone or Android, players can play pong right in clear site on the enlarged screen.

The game is very similar to Ping Pong or Atari, where a small ball is bounced from left to right on the big screen and your personal phone. Fun play, engagement and interaction in outside advertising is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives or at least McDonalds hopes this is the case.

Jun 2, 2011
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Few Job Options Force One Marketing Pro to Think Outside the Box

An out-of-the-box billboard advertisement was revealed this week on a busy intersection on Merrion Road in the south of Dublin. “Save me from Emigration” in bold letters with a scenic view of the statue of Liberty in the background. The sign was commissioned by an unemployed marketing associate, Féilim Mac An Iomaire, 26 and the public heightened and enlarged personal cry for work is making a big splash.

Save me from Emigration
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After having and losing jobs to the economy, Mac An lomaire is out of options. “I came back from Australia last August, and since then I’ve been looking constantly, using recruiters and sending out countless cover letters and CVs,” Mac An Iomaire said. “But I’m just getting nowhere.”

Spending his last savings of €2,000 to post the billboard for two weeks, he hopes this will lead to the right steady employment opportunity. “Being able to think outside the box – something that’s hard to articulate in a CV,” says Mac An lomaire, “I had the money saved, so I thought: let’s run with it.”

The reception to his campaign had already been overwhelmingly positive and had created a “huge amount of goodwill”, helping him to keep his options open – but Mac An Iomaire says the clock is ticking on whether the campaign can work.

“I can give it until the end of June,” he said. “If it doesn’t work, I’m gone.”

May 14, 2011

Amazing Coca-Cola 3D 125th Anniversary Illumination

It is hard to believe but this past Sunday May 8 marked The Coca-Cola Company’s one hundred and twenty-fifth year satisfying consumers worldwide. Coke made its debut back in 1886 in Atlanta, Georiga and has since grown to over two hundred counties spanning the globe.

Coke will have its home office in Atlanta, illuminated with light panels on each of the 4sides that will display the product as it developed throughout the years. The brand will promote the nostalgic quality as well as one-hundrend and twenty-five years of loyal, satisfied customers.

To thank them for their continualy loyality Coke revieled that customers who upload photos on to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter could be seen on the panels as well, the campaign is set to run every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of May.

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Feb 24, 2011

Back in the Day Story: BMW Vs. Audi – Billboards War or Friendly Game of Chess?

“Your move, BMW.”

That’s the challenge posed by Audi on Apr 2009, featuring its all new Audi A4, on the billboard on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Glen Blvd in California.

“Checkmate”, declared BMW, on the billboard right next to Audi’s, and featuring the BMW M3 Coupe – a billboard that just happened to be about ten times the size of theirs.

Juggernaut Advertising, an independent advertising agency headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, initiated the tactical outdoor marketing campaign on behalf of BMW of Santa Monica. The ad was positioned prominently within the same sightline to westbound traffic as the Audi ad.

Del Montell, Jr. of Santa Monica BMW was quoted as saying: “When we heard the idea, we loved it and couldn’t resist going forward.”

That’s strategy for you.

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Feb 16, 2011

Double Take in Times Square

Wait! Is that a car on the side of that building?

Or is it a crossover?

Plastered along 42nd St. and the corner of 7th Avenue in Manhattan’s Times Square is an ad for Mini’s new eye candy – the Mini Cooper Countryman, a mini SUV crossover featuring the choice of all wheel or front wheel drive, four doors and 12.2 cubic feet of quirky British style

The Mini Cooper Countryman will draw on a whole new demographic, and with the possibilities for cute nicknames seemingly endless, (Mega Mini, Maxi Mini), Mini’s newest addition eagerly awaits buyers.

Mini Cooper billboard on Times Square

Mini Cooper billboard on Times Square

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