Sep 23, 2011

Lamar Advertising sues over billboard ruling

Lamar Advertising is suing the city of Tuscaloosa. A recent ruling by the Zoning Board of Adjustments states the company cannot re-erect four billboards damaged during the April 27th tornado.  These billboards were erected before the city’s sign ordinance, passed in 2007. The placement of the now-damaged billboards does not conform with zoning codes, and after inspection by the city, the billboards would either require reconstruction or relocation to meet the requirements of the ordinance.

According to city examiners, the billboards are too close to each other and also too close to residential property. One sign is within a designated floodway.

Lamar Advertising is appealing the courts decision, stating the signs are not more than 50% damaged. The company estimates repairs the billboards would be 5- 25 percent of the cost of building a new billboard.

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