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Clear Channel
8/23/2011 Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. ( NYSE: CCO) , today announced the appointment of Sharr Stark to President & General Manager of its Portland, Oregon division, effective right away
8/22/2011 Company Named as Exclusive Advertising Partner
8/11/2011 21st Century Technology Turns Airport into a Hi-Tech Corporate & Community Showcase
8/21/2011 The challenge for marketers is to get us to notice something we are used to passing by without a second glance. One way to achieve this is by making a billboard interactive, giving consumers a excellent reason to stop & engage with the medium, rather than just walk on past.
8/17/2011 A message about a missing Brusly High School teacher started appearing Tuesday on 24 digital billboards in Baton Rouge. The message will be displayed on the billboards through Sept. 30.
8/17/2011 A group hoping to fight underage drinking with a new approach, is kicking off a billboard campaign in Outagamie County.